Matthew McDonald is a professional artist and classically trained oil painter.  He works out of a studio located in the Hudson Valley where he paints full time.  He also teaches traditional drawing and painting techniques. 

Matthew began his artistic training in the Hudson Valley where he studied landscape and still life painting.  In further pursuit of traditional painting techniques, he spent years studying drawing and painting at The Florence Academy of Art in Italy, where he returned as a resident artist and teacher. 

Matthew values the traditions of painting and is always trying to learn from the legacy of the art that came before him. The representational works he creates span the classical genres (still life, portraiture, interiors etc.) However, Matthews real passion and focus is landscape. Working directly from life is an invaluable part of his process.  He makes his own materials, canvases, paints, oil grounds etc.  This allows him to have complete control within his medium and ensure its quality and longevity.


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